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At this time, the INEX Inspectors & INEX Competitors will remain using the 2012 INEX Rulebook

The "change over" date for these Rulebook up-dates to go into effect, along with the 2013 INEX Rulebook, will be posted on uslegendcars.com.

The Helmet rule will change to; Snell SA 2005 rating or newer required. (S.F.I. 24.1 rating will still be acceptable for use in a Bandolero Car). Snell SA 2000 rating will no longer be permitted for use at any INEX sanctioned event.

All suspension & ballast mounting bolts must be identifiable as to their grade.

The weight rule for Legend Cars will be changed to, 1300 lbs. minimum total with the driver (as raced) & 640 lbs. minimum right side with the driver (as raced). Percentages will no longer be used for the weight requirements of INEX.

All Legend Cars with clear plastic seals, green (old style) seals, blue (old style) seals or silver (old style) seals must be sent in to the US Legends Engine shop (or INEX approved location) for inspection & re-sealing prior to the 2014 racing season.

The shipping fee for all engine rebuilds remains capped at $200. Additionally your tech fee will be waived of the engine passes. Please contact the Engine Shop at 705-455-3896 ext. 228 to schedule an appointment sometime before the start of the 2014 season.

Riverhead Raceway Chief INEX Technical Inspector Walter Bonzcyk

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